GATE 2020 : STRATEGY : read once

by Material2Success, 28-Sep-19 07:26:13 PM


GATE has become comparatively easy after change in pattern to online
format. Number of students has increased drastically and hence
competition is very high now. In GATE you cannot expect a good rank
(Below 500) if you are scoring below 80 marks. You can see rank and
marks trend from previous year’s results. Many PSU are now recruiting
through GATE and hence if any aspirant wants to get placed in PSU only.
GATE is option except PSU who are taking separate exam. 

So what should be strategy to crack GATE 2020 ??

Should an aspirant research on each topic of syllabus ??

Should an aspirant read book page by page ??

Should an aspirant go to Delhi and take coaching and then only top GATE
rank possible ??

Should an aspirant take online coaching and then only top GATE rank
possible ??

So many questions in mind of aspirants and all questions want one answer
how to get top GATE rank. Here I am sharing strategy of GATE based on
my experience of preparation and through this strategy I could get Rank
35 in GATE 2018.

1) Prepare from standard books and read books by seeing topics in
syllabus of GATE. You don’t have to research on topic. GATE doesn’t want
you to be a researcher. For research you can do M.Tech or Phd. So keep
this in mind and prepare.

2) To know how question can be framed from a topic of syllabus see
previous year’s papers. Similar questions are framed again and again from
same topics so you should know what to read and what not to read.

3) Solve previous year’s papers as many times (Minimum 3 times). When I
say solve previous year’s papers it means that you should read each
question well and try to know concept involved behind each question.
Make notes of difficult concept you find and also make note of formulae
used in question. Some concept are very easy so you can avoid making
note of that.

4) Make your notes subject-wise / or refer made easy notes so that you
can revise easily. You can use A4 paper to make notes. Mark pages serial
wise to make a sequence of notes. Click here to buy Made Easy Notes

5) When exam is near start solving test series. Mistake which aspirant
make is that they don’t note down mistake they do in test series and do
same mistakes again in GATE.

6) GATE doesn’t ask proofs so know how the formulae is derived and
assumptions involved while deriving formulae. No need to learn complete
proof step by step.

7) When you have a doubt in answer of question you can Google the topic
and read more. Internet is best source when it comes to gaining

8) Avoid wasting too much time on Facebook/whatsapp study groups.

9) Preparing for GATE using online coaching is not something which I
support as online coaching’s are not at so good level as compared to offline
coaching’s. Use Facebook after self-study and ask your doubts and solve
question over groups. No need of online coaching when you have internet
as your friend.

10) Self-study is best to crack GATE and if you need a coaching then offline
coaching is best rather than online coaching ( I don’t support any coaching
and I cracked GATE by self-preparation)

11) In last month of preparation just revise your notes and attempt test
series and learn from your mistakes. Avoid reading or downloading too many
PDF and not reading them all.

12) All topics are important. There is concept of important subjects now
in GATE as you have to score above 80 to get a good rank. This is
possible with selective preparation.